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Top 7 Best Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta 2021

The Puerto Vallarta restaurant scene is bursting with new flavors and dishes from around the world. While you’ll find plenty of authentic Mexican restaurants nearby your hotel, there’s also sushi…

Published on 05.05.2021


Wellness Week 2021 at Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta

Before the summer starts to get busy with family activities and backyard BBQs, take some time for yourself to indulge in health and wellness activities that will reset your body and mind. There’s no…

Published on 30.04.2021


New Flights to Puerto Vallarta from Spirit Airlines in July

Travelers from around the world love escaping to the tropical beaches and quiet streets of Puerto Vallarta, and with new Spirit Airlines flights, jetting off to this gorgeous destination is quick and…

Published on 27.04.2021


Mother's Day 2021: Ways to Celebrate Mom

With the challenges families have faced in the past year, Mother’s Day 2021 is your chance to give back. Whether you’re looking for things to do with Mom in person or needing some virtual Mother’s Day…

Published on 16.04.2021


Facts You Didn't Know About Cinco Mayo

Throughout the US, most people have heard of the holiday Cinco de Mayo, which in Spanish means May 5th. To many, it’s a day to eat tacos and sip margaritas, and while authentic Mexican food is always…

Published on 07.04.2021


Where to Find the best Taco Spots in Puerto Vallarta

While the Puerto Vallarta food scene has grown to include cuisine from around the world, authentic Mexican tacos are still the highlight of any vacation here, and the best places to eat in Puerto…

Published on 29.03.2021


What is Holy Week? - Facts, Celebrations, Traditions

As Holy Week 2021 approaches, churches and families around the world begin to celebrate the arrival of spring and some of the most sacred and somber holidays in the Christan religion. Understanding…

Published on 22.03.2021


Red Button: It’s Over! Reactivation of Activities in Puerto vallarta

Because of the city’s commitment to preventive measures and sanitation, the Puerto Vallarta travel restrictions have been lifted. For the past several weeks, bars and restaurants have had limited…

Published on 12.03.2021


Wedding Party Roles: Who Does What?

Asking family and friends to take on different roles in a wedding allows couples to honor the love and relationships that have played a role in their lives as individuals and as couples. While you’re…

Published on 08.03.2021


What 's New at Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta?

For decades, Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa has been one of the top optional all inclusive resorts in Puerto Vallarta, pleasing guests with superb service, an idyllic location close to the heart…

Published on 04.03.2021


COVID-19 Testing Program at Villa del Palmar is a Overwhelming Success

At the beginning of the year, many countries around the world began requiring air passengers to get a COVID test for travel into their borders, and with these new announcements, travelers were asking…

Published on 03.03.2021


Villa del Mar Puerto Vallarta is now Merged with Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta

Villa del Mar Beach Resort & Spa Puerto Vallarta, the oldest of The Villa Group Resorts in Mexico, is merging with Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta, its sister resort located next door. While Villa…

Published on 03.03.2021


The Essential Guide to Puerto Vallarta Beaches (2021 Edition)

The rustle of the palm trees and the gentle crashing of waves on Puerto Vallarta beaches make the city truly paradise, and while there’s so many high-energy and adrenaline-pumping things to do in…

Published on 09.02.2021


COVID Testing Requirements for Recently Recovered Passengers

Recently, new Puerto Vallarta safety warnings and Mexico travel restrictions 2021 have made the news. While the country itself is not implementing any new COVID travel restrictions, those returning to…

Published on 02.02.2021


Puerto Vallarta Covid 2021 Updates (US and Canada Travel Restrictions)

While it’s been months since Coronavirus warnings first made headlines, there’s still a new travel restrictions update almost every week, and if you’re planning to travel this year, it’s important to…

Published on 25.01.2021
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